Interactive Webcasts and Live Streaming

Apogee is one of the leading webcast and webinar providers in Finland. Our customer does not need to worry about technical details, as we will arrange for the required technology and staff to be on site.

We continuously live stream over secured global Content Delivery Network (CDN), YouTube, and many other channels.

We can stream anywhere:

Secure Broadcasting

HTTPS/SSL secuded connection with detailed analytics


We can create a YouTube channel or stream to your existing channel


We can stream to your Facebook page

Benefits of our Webcast service

  • Multiply the number of viewers

    Our webcast platform has detailed analytics for your event viewers

  • Save in travel costs

    Our service is popular among corporations that operate nation-wide or globally.

  • Easy invitation and registration

    No problem if there is a huge number or viewers

  • Interactive Broadcast

    Two-way audio, moderated chat or Twitter wall make viewers feel that they are “on site”.

  • Live and On Demand

    On-demand video can be watched afterwards

  • Works on All Platforms

    Our webcast solution works on all mainstream platforms.

An example of what a production contains:

  • 2–5 cameras, vision and sound mixing
  • setup and testing
  • graphic design of titles
  • director and production crew
  • lighting
  • sound recording equipment
  • live streaming over CDN
  • interactive functions
  • on demand recording

hours of webcasts per week

100 000

Number of viewers for a single nation-wide broadcast in Finland

From studio or on site

Most of our webcasts are done on site at an event venue. Of course we can also stream from our studio or auditorium in Helsinki.

Easy webcasting solution

We have been in business since 1995. You just need to tell us where and when is your event. You don’t need to worry about technical details.

Webcast pricing

Call us +358 20 7545 121 or send an e-mail for pricing and other details.

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